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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Lake Charles Symphony!

Maestro Bohuslav Rattay
(Always styling with the coolest shoes!)
Compiled by:
Kelley Saucier

Ideas by:
Ummm..."Interesting" Board Members & Fans!

The Top Ten Reasons to Join the Lake Charles Symphony!

The writers over here at the LC Symphony Blog have been busy pounding the pavement asking our audience members their number one reason to join the Symphony. We were overwhelmed by their responses, but we finally have the BEST reasons to join compiled into the perfect list.

Here we go:

10. Two words: Beast Feast!

9. Prime opportunity to scope out Bohuslav Rattay’s posterior. Did we mention he’s European? AND rides a Ducati?

8. Nine out of ten surveys show regular symphony attendance raises your IQ 25 points….per symphony attended. Which surveys? Wait right here…I’ll get back to you.

7. The opportunity for a new symphony wardrobe. 7A. New shoes to go with your new wardrobe.

6. Rosa Hart Theatre seats are softer than football stadium seating and no lines for the bathroom!

5. If you join the LCS, when people say that you are cultured, they won't mean that you are possibly contagious.

4. It will lend credence to your claim to be The Most Interesting Man in the World.

3. Chicks dig it.

2. You need more culture than your Yoplait provides…

AND the Number 1 Reason TO JOIN the Lake Charles Symphony TODAY is:

1. Everyone on your Franz Liszt has already joined!!!!

Seriously, do you need any more reasons? Call the office or join online RIGHT NOW! Don’t get left out: once you join us, you will be Bach for more. See you at the after parties! Visit for season tickets or call 337-433-1611!
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Y’all…Saturday, Sept. 22, is Practically Here!

(Celebrate where you are on the journey of life through
music - step by step, measure by measure!)

"Let’s journey through the music of the season together,

remembering the experiences that have made us who we are,
and perhaps along the way, rediscover who we want to be."
- Maestro Bohuslav Rattay

Opening Concert of Season 55
Saturday, September 22
By Angie Manning    
“When you’re a Jet, you’re Jet all the way!” – It’s Bernstein’s West Side Story suite (New York) to a Czech favorite by Smetana! This opening concert the “Journey from the Czech Republic to New York City” is going to be fantastic. (All the cool Jets are going to be there!) So, for sure mark your calendars, get a sitter or bring the kids. The night is going to be special on many fronts.     
The Lake Charles Symphony under the direction of Maestro Bohuslav Rattay opens its 55th season with a concert honoring William Kushner, beloved and longtime conductor of the symphony. The symphony has chosen “Journeys” as its theme for the 2012-2013 season. Its theme reflects movement, both literally and figuratively. For Maestro Rattay, it was a journey which began in Prague and ended in Lake Charles, a journey from playing bassoon in the orchestra to conducting that same orchestra!     

When the Lake Charles Symphony’s dynamic, young conductor takes the podium in Rosa Hart Theater, he brings energy and passion to the music, whether it’s from his native Czech Republic or perennial concert favorites. He has received acclaim from critics and audiences around the world. So, what I am saying is that you should totally make the scene to find out why, right?        
Rattay reflects on the upcoming season: “The gift of music allows us to take a journey of the soul. As human-beings, we relate to the sounds expressed in the music-the serenity, the sadness, the anxiety, the climax, and the final resolution all remind us of our past experiences - our own life journey. This season, I invite you to truly surrender to the music, and let it take you somewhere inside of yourself. Let’s journey through the music of the season together, remembering the experiences that have made us who we are, and perhaps along the way, rediscover who we want to be.”     
Featured tenor will be Fred VanNess, Jr., a native of Kinder who studied at McNeese State University where his love of opera took flight. His recent engagements include Don Jose in Carmen with the North End Music Performing Arts Center, Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni with Longwood Opera, and Tamino in Die Zauberfl√∂te with Opera del West. Other credits are Rodolfo in La Boheme, Dr. Cajus in Falstaff, Charlie in Das Kliene Magahonny and Fenton in Falstaff as part of the Montefeltro Music Festival in Novafeltria, Italy. His concert credits consist of Handel’s “Judas Maccabeus” and “Messiah,” Bach’s Cantata 131 and Scott Joplin's 100th Anniversary of his opera Treemonisha.     

So, make it a night to remember for yourself, your family, a date…or whatever! Any occasion is the perfect occasion for great music. For more info, you can call the symphony office at (337) 433-1611 or go online at You can also follow the Symphony on Facebook at or on Twitter at
Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Can Move Your Feet: Become a Member of the Lake Charles Symphony!

Music can move your feet and guide your steps on a
sonic adventure with the
55th Lake Charles Symphony's Season - Journeys!

Hey, are YOU a member of
the Lake Charles Symphony?
The 55th Season - Journeys

(BTW, mark Sept. 22 on your calendar!)
-by Angie Manning

To be honest, it never even dawned on me to become an actual member of the Lake Charles Symphony until this year. (It totally never occurred to me), and I figured that maybe other people needed to get that memo too!

It’s a no-brainer for a music lover, and the 55th season is going to be fantastic. It’s called Journeys, and each of the concerts will concentrate on a series of songs that will take audience members on a musical adventure. Classical music is more of a sonic journey anyway, which is why I personally adore it. The first concert the “Journey from the Czech Republic to New York City” will be Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m. Did you mark that on your calendar? Okay, good!

Back to being a member…the Symphony has all sorts of events and concerts throughout the year from the Summer Pops (which we just had), to the Wild Beast Feast and the Christmas Gala and popular Holiday Home Tour – in addition to the classical concert season. When you attend all these amazing, cultural events, you will naturally start to feel part of a larger musical community in the area. It’s really smart to become a member too because with your membership, you get tickets to the classical concerts. Plus, for first-time members, you also get a free Discovery Series pass. So, I know what you’re thinking…what is the Discovery Series?

The Discovery Series is a sneak preview of the concert on the books. It’s when our brilliant conductor, Bohuslav Rattay and several musicians from the symphony perform in someone’s home. Pretty cool, huh? It’s an intimate mini concert with explanations, and further insight into the pieces that will be performed at the concert. So, not to be confusing, but it is generally a separate membership, which is $20. But, for a first-time Symphony membership, the Discovery Series is thrown in as a bonus. Score! (No pun intended!)

So, if you love music and culture, step out onto the wild side and become a member of the Lake Charles Symphony. An individual membership is $50 and includes tickets to each classical concert. You can order your membership online here:, or you can call the Symphony office at 337.433.1611.

For an overview of the Symphony, go to Don’t forget to “like” the Symphony on Facebook or follow @lcsymphony on Twitter at!