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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Chris Shearman Experience at the Wild Beast Feast, May 5!

The Chris Shearman Experience - Rocking Out!
Chris Shearman's Favorite Classical Composer?
“Bach or Nothing!”

-Story by Angie Manning & Chris Shearman

For Chris Shearman, music is the ultimate form of entertainment. For him, there's nothing better than seeing people dancing, or even just nodding their heads. He shared that times are hard right now, and music is something that can be enjoyed by everyone – everywhere – anytime. And, the Chris Shearman Experience will be playing tunes at the Wild Beast Feast coming up at the Cash and Carry Building, 801 Enterprise Blvd., on Saturday, May 5.

“The Symphony is a part of the fabric of Lake Charles. Many people don't realize that so much popular music of today is rooted in the melodies and rhythms of classical, jazz, ragtime, and the older styles of music. The Symphony is integral in maintaining the education of music's heritage and history,” said Shearman.

The members of the band include Paul Gonsoulin, Blake Thibodeaux, and often, they are joined by Joseph Darbonne.

Chris said, “We have been friends since high school and playing music together for over 10 years. We are not only close band-mates, but good friends. We spend a lot of time trying not to laugh outrageously because of how much fun we have up there. Lake Charles is a wonderful place to play live music. We do it right here in our city!”

The Chris Shearman Experience band is definitely influenced by the rock bands of today like Kings of Leon and such, but they are true to the old-school Beatles, Van Morrison, and Zeppelin. For Chris’ take on classical music and his favorite composer, he shares: “I have always been a ‘Bach or nothing’ guy. His ability to transition from major to minor and his capacity for melody have always blown me away.”

The Chris Shearman Experience cranks up at 6 p.m. at the Wild Beast Feast! Chefs and other activities will also be going on that day including live and silent auctions. The event is 5-10 p.m. at the Cash & Carry Building in Lake Charles. Tastings from the fabulous chefs start at 5 p.m. as well as the silent auction.

Tickets can be purchased at the door, or advance tickets can be purchased at the Symphony Office (located in Central School 809 Kirby Street), Gordon’s Drug Store, Adult tickets are $30 or $35 at the door. Children ages 7-14 are $10 or $15 at the door. For more information on the Wild Beast Feast or to contact the Symphony office, call (337) 433-1611 or e-mail
Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting to be Auctioned on May 5 at the Wild Beast Feast!

Vickie Singletary poses with "The Soul of Shostakovich."
Photo by Frank DiCesare

“The Soul of Shostakovich”
Painting by Vickie Singletary

Freestyle Acrylic Artist

(Read the story behind this amazing piece of art, and you can get a chance to see it or purchase it at the Wild Beast Feast on May 5 for the Symphony, complete with food, music and auction items!)

If you went to the last Symphony concert, you saw live art created before your eyes with the brush strokes of Vickie Singletary, a freestyle acrylic artist – along with music created before your ears by the Lake Charles Symphony. She painted the soul of Shostakovich in 22 minutes with the Lake Charles Symphony performing his own composition. The painting on stage concept is called “The Music of Your Soul.”

When I talked to Vickie about it, I have to admit, that I hoped that my soul was rainbow colored, like Shostakovich’s soul! She explained to me that everyone’s colors might be different, so his “red” might mean something different than my “red,” as colors have different meanings for different people. I found that extremely interesting. So, I asked her to send me what she painted for Shostakovich – what his colors represented.

Here is the breakdown of the color symbols for Shostakovich:

Creative force, inspiration, inspires the receptive soul to express itself in art, music, etc.
Idealism, message ideas.
Love of spirit, purposeful, meaningful.
Mental force, confidence, curiosity, practical application of wisdom.
Emotions, independence.
Passion, courage in action, and intensity brings out the revolutionary and leads into affirmative thought and action.
Truth, self sacrifice.
Strong individualism, bordering on eccentricity.
Balancing forces, peace, compassion and renewal.
Dark Blue   
(Dripping over colors) Depression, moodiness, subduing.

And, I have to say, that after I saw (what) the colors represented, I really “felt” that whenever I saw her painting along with the music that night. It made perfect sense. Vickie normally interviews people and gets to have a “picture of the person from the inside” based on stories and conversations before attempting to paint someone’s soul. For the Shostakovich piece, it was a study on the past, history and stories from reading and talking with members of the Lake Charles Symphony. Vickie has a true gift to capture these emotions.

“In the case of Shostakovich, the composer whose music was performed by our symphony on April 14, I used available information and his life story in place of a personal interview. The abstraction was done live on stage during the concert. It was thrilling for me!” said Singletary.

The piece named "The Soul of Shostakovich" will be auctioned at Wild Beast Feast. This is a 30x40 acrylic on canvas abstract which normally sells and has sold for ten years at the price of $1,800. She is also donating for auction at the same event a lively painting named Jazzy. This features jazz instruments with a piano keyboard (in the Vickanese Style as her friends and family say). This piece is also 30x40 and sells for $1,800. Vickie shared: "This project has been fun and inspiring. It is a gift to be able to give back to others and share the blessings God has given me.”

See the blogs below for more information on the Wild Beast Feast! Hope to see you there. Photo by Frank DiCesare. Story by Angie Manning.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Game On! (the plate)

What would Wild Beast Feast be without the beasts? It would be slightly less of an event, so we just want to take a moment to appreciate the avid sportsmen in the area and the chefs that will be putting so much effort in making this event a success.
So what is your favorite "Game"? Deer, Duck, Boar? Comment below and let us know!
We cannot wait, and the clock is ticking down to May 5th, make sure to pre-order your tickets today!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wild Beast Feast - May 5!

Well, the Wild Beast Feast is coming up May 5, and I am ever-so excited about that. It's a time to get to know the Symphony and hang out with other supporters of music in the area. Plus, local sportsmen will cook up their savory creations with game, pork, poultry and seafood, and you can jam to the tunes of the Chris Shearman Experience too. The band has a fun sound that's diverse, and I particularly love it when the harmonica comes into the picture!

Also, you will not want to miss out on a glamorous auction with trips, exclusive dinners, hunting trips, and more. One of the auction items will include Vickie Singletary's original painting that she created "live" during the Symphony's April performance of “Memorandoom” - featuring the composer's very soul - that of Shostakovich! (Yes, his very soul!!!) The picture to the left is of Vickie painting during the performance. It was quite fascinating.

Anyway, so the pre-feast begins at 3 p.m. You will be able to watch the chefs cooking their wild beasts. At 5 p.m., you can try new dishes from any number of chefs. Oh, and children are welcome! This year there will be a kids’ corner, where your little ones can decorate chef hats and enter into a coloring contest. There will also be delicious desserts - live and silent auctions.

The event will be at the Cash & Carry Building, located at 801 Enterprise Blvd. The Wild Beast Feast is a family event. Admission is $30 for adults and $15 for children ages 7-14 at the door, and advanced tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for children.
There will be a cash bar with the Happy Hour Bar Crew (who allegedly will have a special cocktail creation for the event called the "Edgemont Beast.")

For more information about the Lake Charles Symphony, how to become a member and upcoming concerts, call (337) 433-1611 and visit Follow the Symphony on Twitter at @lcsymphony or like us on Facebook! (Photo by Frank DiCesare) 
Sunday, April 22, 2012


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