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Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Can Move Your Feet: Become a Member of the Lake Charles Symphony!

Music can move your feet and guide your steps on a
sonic adventure with the
55th Lake Charles Symphony's Season - Journeys!

Hey, are YOU a member of
the Lake Charles Symphony?
The 55th Season - Journeys

(BTW, mark Sept. 22 on your calendar!)
-by Angie Manning

To be honest, it never even dawned on me to become an actual member of the Lake Charles Symphony until this year. (It totally never occurred to me), and I figured that maybe other people needed to get that memo too!

It’s a no-brainer for a music lover, and the 55th season is going to be fantastic. It’s called Journeys, and each of the concerts will concentrate on a series of songs that will take audience members on a musical adventure. Classical music is more of a sonic journey anyway, which is why I personally adore it. The first concert the “Journey from the Czech Republic to New York City” will be Sept. 22 at 7:30 p.m. Did you mark that on your calendar? Okay, good!

Back to being a member…the Symphony has all sorts of events and concerts throughout the year from the Summer Pops (which we just had), to the Wild Beast Feast and the Christmas Gala and popular Holiday Home Tour – in addition to the classical concert season. When you attend all these amazing, cultural events, you will naturally start to feel part of a larger musical community in the area. It’s really smart to become a member too because with your membership, you get tickets to the classical concerts. Plus, for first-time members, you also get a free Discovery Series pass. So, I know what you’re thinking…what is the Discovery Series?

The Discovery Series is a sneak preview of the concert on the books. It’s when our brilliant conductor, Bohuslav Rattay and several musicians from the symphony perform in someone’s home. Pretty cool, huh? It’s an intimate mini concert with explanations, and further insight into the pieces that will be performed at the concert. So, not to be confusing, but it is generally a separate membership, which is $20. But, for a first-time Symphony membership, the Discovery Series is thrown in as a bonus. Score! (No pun intended!)

So, if you love music and culture, step out onto the wild side and become a member of the Lake Charles Symphony. An individual membership is $50 and includes tickets to each classical concert. You can order your membership online here:, or you can call the Symphony office at 337.433.1611.

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