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Friday, April 27, 2012

Painting to be Auctioned on May 5 at the Wild Beast Feast!

Vickie Singletary poses with "The Soul of Shostakovich."
Photo by Frank DiCesare

“The Soul of Shostakovich”
Painting by Vickie Singletary

Freestyle Acrylic Artist

(Read the story behind this amazing piece of art, and you can get a chance to see it or purchase it at the Wild Beast Feast on May 5 for the Symphony, complete with food, music and auction items!)

If you went to the last Symphony concert, you saw live art created before your eyes with the brush strokes of Vickie Singletary, a freestyle acrylic artist – along with music created before your ears by the Lake Charles Symphony. She painted the soul of Shostakovich in 22 minutes with the Lake Charles Symphony performing his own composition. The painting on stage concept is called “The Music of Your Soul.”

When I talked to Vickie about it, I have to admit, that I hoped that my soul was rainbow colored, like Shostakovich’s soul! She explained to me that everyone’s colors might be different, so his “red” might mean something different than my “red,” as colors have different meanings for different people. I found that extremely interesting. So, I asked her to send me what she painted for Shostakovich – what his colors represented.

Here is the breakdown of the color symbols for Shostakovich:

Creative force, inspiration, inspires the receptive soul to express itself in art, music, etc.
Idealism, message ideas.
Love of spirit, purposeful, meaningful.
Mental force, confidence, curiosity, practical application of wisdom.
Emotions, independence.
Passion, courage in action, and intensity brings out the revolutionary and leads into affirmative thought and action.
Truth, self sacrifice.
Strong individualism, bordering on eccentricity.
Balancing forces, peace, compassion and renewal.
Dark Blue   
(Dripping over colors) Depression, moodiness, subduing.

And, I have to say, that after I saw (what) the colors represented, I really “felt” that whenever I saw her painting along with the music that night. It made perfect sense. Vickie normally interviews people and gets to have a “picture of the person from the inside” based on stories and conversations before attempting to paint someone’s soul. For the Shostakovich piece, it was a study on the past, history and stories from reading and talking with members of the Lake Charles Symphony. Vickie has a true gift to capture these emotions.

“In the case of Shostakovich, the composer whose music was performed by our symphony on April 14, I used available information and his life story in place of a personal interview. The abstraction was done live on stage during the concert. It was thrilling for me!” said Singletary.

The piece named "The Soul of Shostakovich" will be auctioned at Wild Beast Feast. This is a 30x40 acrylic on canvas abstract which normally sells and has sold for ten years at the price of $1,800. She is also donating for auction at the same event a lively painting named Jazzy. This features jazz instruments with a piano keyboard (in the Vickanese Style as her friends and family say). This piece is also 30x40 and sells for $1,800. Vickie shared: "This project has been fun and inspiring. It is a gift to be able to give back to others and share the blessings God has given me.”

See the blogs below for more information on the Wild Beast Feast! Hope to see you there. Photo by Frank DiCesare. Story by Angie Manning.