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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Edgemont Happy Hour Bar Crew! (Wild Beast Feast) May 5

The Wild Beast Feast will have a special appearance by
these guys! They invented the "Edgemont Beast" drink
in honor of the Wild Beast Feast. Seems that the chefs
will not be the only creative culinary force!
Pictured: Luke Saucier, Dean Manning, Steve Lang & Mark Judson
Wild Beast Feast Features the
Edgemont Happy Hour Bar Crew!
-by guest writer Kelley Saucier

I sat down for an impromptu lunch Friday afternoon with Luke Saucier, Dean Manning, and Mark Judson, the undeniable Mayor of Edgemont. Over some of the best taco soup I’ve ever had, we discussed Edgemont Happy Hour, Edgemont Beer Summit, funny neighborhood stories, yoga (how does that fit in?), and, of course, their guest appearance behind the bar at the Wild Beast Feast.

Everyone considers Mark Judson the Mayor of Edgemont. As Dean puts it, “If not Mark, who?” So, I asked Mark, as the official mayor, about his vision for the Edgemont Happy Hour Bar at WBF. “A true bar is a state of mind. It can only be defined in the eye of the beholder. The majority of our celebrity bar tenders’ experience has been on the other side of the bar – and it is vast experience. We will utilize that vast knowledge to create the ultimate patron experience. We have a huge assembly of talent – an all-star team of goodtime-gurus for the Beast Feast.” Joining Judson, Saucier and Manning are Steve Lang, Dallas Kingham, Denny Dennison, and Randy King. Things will be moving fast at the Edgemont Bar!

When I asked Dean about his Edgemont Bar vision he replied, “The Bar is where everyone knows your name.” The homage to the television series Cheers! is appropriate, as I think that’s what we all love about living in Lake Charles and attending fun events like WBF – this is a place where you do know just about everyone! Dean also says that he “defers to Mayor Mark in all things bar related” and will most likely be the bar-back, while the Mayor is the front man.

Luke is the Bartender-in-Chief of the Happy Hour Bar. The Edgemont Beast is the signature drink he created especially for the WBF. Although the recipe is a secret, Saucier assures us that The Beast will live up to its name. “The Beast introduces itself like a lamb, mid-conversation lights start flickering, lightning strikes, and finally, The Beast roars. Luke’s recommended consumption is “one per customer!”

In addition to The Edgemont Beast, the Happy Hour Bar Crew will be serving Casa Manana Margaritas, beer, wine, and of course various non-alcoholic soft drinks and water. Don’t miss the fun at the Lake Charles Symphony Wild Beast Feast!

     Edgemont is a charming downtown Lake Charles neighborhood filled with sidewalks, azaleas, live oaks and a mixture of architectural styles. Many houses in the neighborhood were  built in the 1940s and at that time it was the edge of town. Residents blend old and new together, as young families and retired citizens enjoy the drone of lawnmowers, children laughing and quiet weekends; quiet, except for that one Friday night per month when the Edgemont Happy Hour gathers at an appointed home. A 17 year tradition, the Happy Hour has created legends and built friendships that will last a lifetime.


Angie said...

Well, the bartenders alone make WBF worth the price of admission! Can't wait to try Luke's new signature drink.

Donna said...

Loved this information, Kelley! What fun we will all have Saturday night! Such wonderful helping hands for such a worthy cause! Thank you, Edgemont Happy Hour Bar Crew!