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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wild Beast Feast Re-cap!

The Boys are Back in Town! The Chris Shearman Experience.

Wild Beast Feast…So…How Was It?!

(Besides Totally Rocking?)

-By Angie Manning

The Wild Beast Feast was a smashing success by all accounts from the turnout to the decorations, the band, the chefs, the auction items, the people, and let’s not forget the Edgemont Happy Hour Bartenders. There was never a line at that bar, and that’s actually saying something with the crowd! Everyone put their “all” into making the event a huge success, and rumor has it (especially if you check, that there was a frenzy with footwear fashion that night! Everyone is trying so hard to be like Bohuslav...yet falling short! Yeah, totally check out those pix.) Anyway, let’s hear a few comments from the peeps who attended and helped put this thing together!

Bohuslav Rattay, Lake Charles Symphony Conductor:
 “I think this year’s Wild Beast Feast was the best so far. I mean, I only did two so far, but this year’s definitely trumped last year's. More people, better organized and even better food. Everyone commented on how great the bar crew was. They kept it moving and kept the entertainment going…I think every single soul that night had a wonderful time.”

 Karen Drewett:
“The Wild Beast Feast was alive! I could feel the energy and excitement! More people, more chefs, and the best crowd mix from -all ages.”

 Ann Barilleaux:
“The Chris Shearman Experience is awesome. The Beast Feast has grown. I remember when it started in the VFW. All of the food is amazing, and I ate way too much. The Edgemont Bar Crew is so much fun!”

Ashly Fruge, Symphony Director:
“Food was delicious as always. The auctions were bigger and better than last year. The Edgemont Happy Hour Bartenders were so much fun. They made the experience even better. The Chris Shearman Experience band played awesome music that everyone there could relate to in some way. “

Leslie Milligan:
As for Abbie Grace’s perspective, Leslie’s daughter commented…that the most exciting aspect of the Beast Feast for her was trying all the new foods. She's a pretty adventurous eater and enjoyed sampling each of the different chef's creations. Leslie shared that her family has been enjoying the Wild Beast Feast since Abbie was a toddler when it was held at the VFW on Country Club Road!

Chris Shearman with the Chris Shearman Experience Band:
“For my first Beast Feast, I thought the event was a blast. Everyone there knew each other, so it was like a big extended family event. It was a great turnout. This event was a lot of fun, and I plan to attend every year…and hopefully play music at it!”

Cassie Price:
“This year we had an amazing response from chefs who were very interested in joining us.  There were 24 chef teams this year.  As every year, I am so impressed by the passion that these people have for the art of cooking!  If you were able to visit with any of them Saturday night, you could see how much pleasure they got from talking to the patrons about their food. The delight on their faces, the energy and the enthusiasm is infectious!  It is a very diverse group of individuals! These chefs are lawyers, nurses, bankers, fishermen, moms, retail managers, investors, professional chefs and you name it…I thoroughly enjoy talking and communicating with the cooks. To me, they are what sets this event apart from other events.  These men and women so graciously donate their time and all of the food.”

 SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Stream Family & Iberia Bank, co-title sponsors.
Merchant and Farmers Bank, Popeye's and Stockwell Sievert - event sponsors. All auction item donors - Vickie Singletary who donated two paintings for the Wild Beast Feast:  "Get your Jazz On" and "The Art behind Shostakovich." The chefs, the judges, volunteers, Hal McMillan, the Edgemont Bar Crew and the Chris Shearman Experience. Empire of the Seed, Matt Redd and NAI Lake Charles, First Federal, and Southwest Beverage. Jambalaya news for cover story sponsored by First Federal Bank and Lacassine Oil. All the volunteers and Symphony board members.


Donna Richard said...

It was great to see the younger crowd there!

Amos Orr said...

My first time at the WBF event, and it was a "Rocking" good time with music, food and great people, what more could you want?!